Terms and Conditions

Legal use

There is no legal problem with displaying our discs in lieu of a tax disc in the UK. However, by purchasing you agree not to put them anywhere that might obscure the driver's view and not to use them to misrepresent the taxed status, past, present or future, of a vehicle.

Your consumer rights

UK distance selling laws entitle to you to a full refund on goods sold unseen if you are not happy. We are confident you'll love your discs but if for any reason you don't please email us first and then you may return them, in good order and within 14 days, for a replacement or full refund.

Our liability to you

These are not dangerous products if used correctly. We accept no responsibility for any injury or other mishap resulting from, just for example, you beating a very small pet to death with a rolled-up disc, or managing to cut yourself on the perforations. If you can prove we negligently sold you an injurious piece of paper, you have a better lawyer than we do.

The website is available to use as seen. We take every precaution to make sure it's running smoothly and cleanly but you must understand that mistakes do sometimes happen. If you get a virus from our site, or if using it overloads your machine and it explodes, or if in any other way you feel your computer has been harmed by discybusiness.co.uk.. well, let us know and we'll try to fix the problem, but we can't accept any financial responsibility, for example for files you lose as a result of a virus.


The EU says we have to tell you about cookies, not that 99.9% of visitors give two hoots. We set two cookies, one for your order number and a hash to authenticate that order number. No personal details are stored on your computer, only on our server locked up behind that authentication cookie. Both cookies are cleared after you pay for your order.


We want to help, but if things go wrong we can't do any more than give your money back.